7 Tips to Manage Work from Home (WFH) Effectively

Do you love working from home? Or do you feel it is a tough task? Well, work from home culture is something not everyone is used to. But, let us tell you one thing that the situation is changing rapidly. This not-so-new concept has now taken the front seat and is becoming a trend. Now, more people are working remotely. Well, why not? It has numerous benefits. However, efficiency can be a concern, especially for those who are accustomed to working in a controlled atmosphere.

In-Office vs Work From Home

The remote working, which once had a bad reputation, is now leading the game. Thanks to technological advancements, enabling people to connect easily! In fact, Airtasker survey report suggests that remote employees are more productive than the in-office workforce. They, on average, work 1.4 days/months extra.

Though the stats are alluring, there is another side of the coin too. Is it? Yes. Because still, concentration is a problem; the same report by Airtasker highlights the fact. In the office, only 6% of the workforce finds it hard to focus, but, in the case of remote working, the figure is 8%. Additionally, in work from home, maintaining work-life balance is a concern.

The Way Out!

No worries as we have a solution. Just by implementing some changes, you can boost your efficiency significantly. Also, work from home culture can raise employee satisfaction, suggests the American Psychological Association. The only need is to put WFH into effect properly.


Make a routine

Have a schedule. Right from waking up, exercise, work hours, lunch to tea break, you need to have a fixed time for everything.

Define your working hours

If you have a fixed shift, then it is good. Needless to mention, you will work for a set duration at a predefined time. But, in case, your company gives you the liberty to work for X hours at the time that suits you, don’t take undue advantage of it. Define the working duration and adhere to the same. Working outside the definite hours would disturb your routine, and in turn, would hamper your productivity.

Create a separate workspace

Everyone loves comfort. However, working from the comfort of your bed won’t help you much. To ensure the desired output, you must have a dedicated and systematic work area. It prevents disturbance.

Dress properly

Get ready before work as you do while heading to the office. Don’t start working in the nightdress. You must be thinking why? It is a matter of vibes. You must be full of positivity and freshness.

Choose the right technology to connect

Very important! Decide beforehand which software or applications you will be using to connect with the colleagues, clients and how you are going to manage the work like allocation, exchange and submission.

Take mini-breaks

Don’t forget to take breaks in between. It will assure that you don’t feel tired.

Flexibility doesn’t mean indiscipline

Generally, it happens that people, while working from home, don’t take the official work seriously. Also, helping in household chores in-between the office hours is a common practice. And it is a serious mistake. So, say no such acts. Don’t do any un-official task during defined working hours.

In short

We must give a thought to the significance of adapting to work from home. It can be vital in the rare but difficult times like the one we are facing now – COVID-19 (coronavirus spread). So, it is time. Go ahead and take up the best practices that can enhance your efficiency in work from home. You know it has multiple advantages, including saving essential resources!

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