Many times people use articles and blogs interchangeably. So are they same? Well, the answer is No. Articles are different from blogs and thus, need a different approach. Therefore, at Words and Cappuccinos, we have a specialized service. 

Blogging is a great content marketing technique. Thinking why? Because it serves multiple purposes. By being one of the top blog writers in India, you can obtain unbelievable results. Words and Cappuccinos is amongst top content writing companies in India, having a team of expert writers. 

We all know, a website is inevitable for the existence of business in the digital world! However, having a website has now become a common phenomenon. So, to gain an advantage, the need is to have terrific web content. In fact, the quality of the content forms the base of decision regarding the value of the website.

To survive the heat of competition, either your product should be unusual or should be presented in such a manner. One of the ways to make a product stand apart is a unique and attractive picture. It makes product description writing a specialized branch. 

We are into content writing from several years, and so, we have gained much expertise. Being proficient in the task, we can revamp your content without afflicting your brand image. Because we apprehend the efforts required to create a distinguished brand image. 

Well-written SEO content is a step ahead of the one that hasn’t paid due respect to SEO. Why? Because it not only delivers the value that your audience seeks from the content but also helps bots to understand the content. So, readers ask for your content seeking value and search engine populates it. 

Are you unable to get an interview call even after having strong eligibility for a particular job? Or you have managed to get a call, but you notice that the recruiter is not impressed enough by looking at your resume? Then it indicates that something crucial is missing in your resume. And you must take the signal seriously. 

Press Release is an important part of any company’s PR activities. It is a way to communicate with your audience and make them aware of the important things they might be interested in knowing about. It precisely answers the 5 Ws (Who, When, Why, Where and What), simplistically.

Company profile is the first impression, and you know how significant it is for the initial impression to be the best one! The profile of a company is the most valuable piece of content for every business, whether big or small. It plays a decisive role in its growth. 

A story is a great way to connect, not only with kids but adults too, including customers. It creates bonding and thereby, trust. And story writing services can make the task easy. How? Continue reading to know more.

Essay writing is a vital part of the education system. It can test multiple skills at once, including English knowledge, writing skills, knowledge of the subject, critical thinking and communication & presentation skills. Essay writing even forms part of the entrance criteria of many universities across the world.

WordPress is an eminent yet free, open-source content management system (CMS). This software is created using PHP and MySQL. A WordPress website is easy to build, offering uncomplicated management. 

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