Email Marketing Services in India

The continuous evolution in the digital world is resulting in a lot of changes. New concepts and techniques are getting added now and then, and existing ones are getting a hit. And one such area is email marketing. Many people have started ignoring it as, for them, spending on email marketing services in India is a waste of resources.

But does that mean email marketing has become irrelevant? Absolutely not. Email marketing is a powerful tool that can take you to a new level. All that’s required is its proper use.

The words of Erik Harbison highlight the importance of email marketing very well. He said, “If social media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel”. This single statement tells the entire story.

Email Marketing - A Personalised Approach

Email marketing is here since long. It’s one of the most useful digital marketing tactics, helping you in connecting with your existing and would-be clients. Moreover, an effective email can turn your leads into clients without much effort and cost.

Email Marketing - Old is Gold!

If you consider email marketing to be an old-fashioned technique, you are missing out something serious.

A customized and well-planned email takes you closer to your prospective clients and enables you to build a good relationship, without even meeting once. And with this, no geographical boundaries or time zone difference can take away your opportunity to connect with the client or prospect. In fact, 73% of millennials prefer receiving email communication from businesses (Hubspot).

With email marketing services in India, you can see exponential growth in your ROI figures. According to the data on Hubspot, more than 59% of marketers consider email as the biggest source of ROI. Additionally, research reports suggest that the effectiveness of email in getting new customers is much higher than Facebook or Twitter.

So, the efficacy of email marketing is evident. However, a lot of activities and research must be undertaken for a successful campaign as small things can leave a huge gap like the time of sending emails, subject line, length of the content etc. Thus, choosing a competent email marketing agency in India is significant.

Partner with a Distinguished Email Marketing Agency in India

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