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Mobile Marketing is nothing but reaching to the target audience through their handheld devices like cell phones and tablets. Though this practice is here for some time, it is becoming an emerging trend. And for all good reasons! Well, this is not plain talk. Figures are there to tell the story, which will also throw light on the significance of availing mobile marketing services.

The data of internet users ( shows that there are 4.57 billion internet users across the world. Another source ( tells that there are around 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. So, you know how many internet users are using smartphones! Yes, over 76%.

Imagine how big this chunk is! And through mobile marketing, you can capture those less tech-savvy group of people too, as mobile is easiest to operate.

Mobile Marketing Gaining Importance!

StatCounter Global Stats suggests the number of mobile users has surpassed those of desktop users. Sounds striking! According to the source, the figures for mobile users and desktop users are 52.03% and 45.32% respectively. And tablet users are mere 2.65% of the whole. Aren’t these numbers eye-popping?

The rising number of mobile users and the elevating usage of the same are calling for the modification in marketing practices. Further, studies reveal that a higher number of people are searching for products and services on mobile before making a final decision. 

Thus, to capture a huge crowd, you need to be present on their mobile phones. But to achieve success in that, you need to have a robust mobile marketing strategy in place. Because mobile marketing also demands customization and proper implementation.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Upon analysing, you will know many more benefits of mobile marketing. So, get started for your own benefit.

How to do Mobile Marketing?

Alike other areas of digital marketing, mobile marketing also has several techniques, including having a mobile-friendly website, local SEO, creating mobile-optimized content, sending SMS etc. And the performance of a particular technique is highly dependable on the situation and goal. So, it is better to take mobile marketing services from an ace mobile marketer, because experience matters a lot.

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