Online reputation management – the phrase is self-explanatory! It is all about managing the reputation of a brand, including its products/services and key people in the online world. The online reputation helps to create a perception about your brand in the mind of the public. According to a report, 85% of the consumers believe online reviews like they do in case of personal recommendations (ReputationX).

Online Reputation Management - What it takes?

Creating an online identity is inevitable in the digital era. You need to be present on different platforms for raising brand awareness, customer engagement and whatnot! So what? What’s there in that? You need to have an account on the desired platforms and publish content consistently.

However, this is not enough. Getting visibility, reach, and fame can be easier in the fast-paced internet world. Thanks to Social Media Marketing! But what about managing your position in the online environment? It demands continuous efforts and time. Online reputation management is not a child’s play. 

Think about it....!!!

You don’t have a single thing to take care of! Google My Business Page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the list continue. Even one negative comment can hit your brand hard. What about negative coverage, illegal use of your name etc.? Thus, it is imperative to keep a constant watch on your online presence to ensure it has a good position. Further, a sound reputation can help you in better ranking.

Data indicates that companies can lose 22% of their business due to just 1 negative article on the first page of potential customers’ search engine (MOZ). Isn’t it quite big? What if you don’t get to know about it?

Managing Online Reputation!

Online Reputation Management is a huge task, not only in terms of importance but also due to complexities involved. It covers everything that is required to ensure you have a high repute including managing reviews, comments, ratings, inappropriate use of your name, negative coverage, and other related things.

Right from planning and monitoring to taking corrective action, all comes under ORM.

Benjamin Franklin said,

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation…but only one bad one to lose it!”

And the facts are there to support the statement. Moreover, the negative information (whether verified or not) spreads faster than the positive news. So, you must take ORM seriously. Assign someone to take care of your image on the internet. 

What Are You Thinking?

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