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Hi there! I am Ankita, the founder and a free bird at Words & Cappuccinos.

What draws you the most to a particular brand, a trend, or stylish gen z creative talent? I get the visuals! And the brand value is undoubtedly an attraction, and to look dope is also great. However, to keep people interested, it is vital to go beyond traditional mass advertising methods. Marketing can only be genuinely effective when combined with powerful content. So what counts is that you create content that pushes your marketing strategy to its full potential.

As a content creator, I recognize the real essence of words and the potential that a few sentences hold to move others. So, with my fully skilled team of content writers, I deliver content writing services in Bangalore to businesses of all sizes. Believe me; we have a high rate of returning customers.

Content Writing Services - Words And Cappuccinos -

Customers frequently search online for solutions to their problems, details about products and services, and—most importantly—what sets your business apart from the competitors. Put another way; they are ready to establish a trustworthy relationship with your brand. However, as the level of competition continues to rise at an alarming speed, so does the difficulty of retaining and acquiring new customers. They could slip through your fingers' gaps like grains of sand. 

Furthermore, daily blog updates are one of the most efficient strategies to keep people devoted to you. Every day, around 4.4 million new blog posts are published. With all this traffic, though, there has never been a better opportunity to adopt blogging into your marketing approach. Words help convey your company's ideals and make consumers feel your sincerity. Words connect the two sides of the coin and consumers.

And I know how to put words together. The pen is mightier than the sword. This has been said numerous times. So, let's tweak it a little and argue that words are mightier than the sword. You can influence someone's thinking with words; it's how we communicate and learn.

Content creation is our specialty. Our content writing company in Bangalore can assist you in reaching whatever new heights you desire. It no longer needs to be a pipe dream; we can make it a reality together.


Nearly 40% of marketers claim that content marketing is crucial to their overall marketing plan. In addition, 81% of respondents claim that their company uses content as a commercial tactic. According to research gathered by B2B marketers, content marketing is effective for generating revenue (51%), nurturing leads (60%), and growing an audience of subscribers (47%).

Additionally, 10% of online marketers claim that blogging yields the highest return on investment. So, content equals growth. If you are not using content writing services near me, you have already been left behind in the race.

Why Not Them but Us?

We know exactly what we're doing and are the best at it. Our team comprises 30+ skilled content writers, editors and proofreaders who have learned from failures and experiences rather than being wet behind the ears. We are professionals in this industry with years of experience.
Our team understands how to create content that converts, whether you're expanding your brand, launching new products, or dealing with customer retention.

Optimizing your content with the right keywords for search engine optimization

SEO is a method for increasing the number of visitors to your website from search engines. Hiring an SEO content writing agency in India to develop SEO-friendly content is an excellent way to boost your SEO. Search engines like Google want consistent, unique content and easy for users to understand. We deliver content writing services in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, USA, Canada and many other locations on your demand. Even midnight!

Skilled staff on board

Our team includes experienced chosen heads. They have exceptional research and writing skills that can assist you in relieving the pressure of developing good content because we are willing to share the weight on your behalf. Before being given to you, the information is also reviewed by our experienced editors and proofreaders.

High-quality content

Well-written content is a powerful asset for drawing visitors and retaining them. Articles should have the right quantity of words, not too many or too few. Readers will only lose interest if the articles include fewer words. A lack of information will make them feel ignorant and encourage them to seek answers at the competition. So we provide content writing services that are a right fit for you.

Specialized content curated just for you

We tailor your content strategy to your marketing strategy. We will discuss with you to learn about your business and needs and map out the whole plan before putting it into words and delivering the right content as per your requirements.

Right on-time delivery

We always do our job on time, whether you need it in a week or a day. This makes things easy for you because you won't have to worry about failed or extended deadlines on our part.

Provide a range of content writing services in Bangalore

When most people think of content writing, they think of blog pieces. Still, many different types of information may be released for a business. These include the following:

  1. Website materials
  2. Email marketing campaign content
  3. Blogs & articles
  4. Product specifications
  5. Press releases 
  6. Posts for social media

And we are happy to tell you that we offer all these under one roof.

Content Writing Services - Words And Cappuccinos -


We are happy to announce that this year (2023) marks our thirteenth birthday. The team, which began tiny, has now grown to include up to 30+ individuals, and the number continues to rise as we age. So far, it has been a lovely adventure with people who have collaborated with us. We began with merely article writing and have now expanded to include other services. We are now marketers and strategists as well. Do you want to know the secret behind our rapid evolution? It's because we continue to learn as we take on more and more projects. We keep expanding our skill set as we grow. So, whatever you want today, we are ready to give it to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get high-quality content delivered in 24 hours. No, follow up! It's easy, smooth and stress-free.

Yes, without a doubt! It's lovely to know you are interested in us. We can provide a sample content based on your specifications. So, send us an email or Whatsapp @ +91 9651280425, and we'll take it forward from there.Also, we take each requirement seriously and pay close attention to it. We get too many projects simultaneously but we concentrate on quality to deliver the best.

Words And Cappuccinos takes pride in consistently meeting every deadline. That being said, content writing is more than just creating an article. To curate just the right article for you, we must go through several procedures, including evaluating your needs and matching them with your business principles. Then, before sending the final content, we revise and proofread it. As a result, the time extends from 24 hours to 1 week in case of bulk contents i.e. 10+ required.

We understand your desire for the best at all times. So, we assign only a suitable individual based on your needs. Still, we will gladly oblige if you insist on your freedom to select.

Customer satisfaction is essential to our success. We have a 100% success rate to date. Still, if you are dissatisfied with us, we will assist you in achieving satisfactory outcomes by making necessary adjustments.

Our project manager will stay in touch with you throughout the project to take constant feedback.

Yes, absolutely! We are both creators and proofreaders. We also offer SEO-based solutions.

We understand how crucial it is to ensure your work is unique before posting it. Running a plagiarism check on your content is one approach to accomplish this. This ensures that the text was not taken from another source. You may also check for plagiarism by copying and pasting a few sentences from the material into the Google search bar. The content is not unique if the sentences match any of the results.
However, every material file you receive from our team will include plagiarism report. This ensures that your content is unique and has passed the plagiarism test.

You can email or Whatsapp us your requirements, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

You can pay us on a project or monthly basis, whatever suits your needs better. Bank transfer, UPI, Google pay, cheque or cash deposit at bank are accepted. We can consider other payment modes too for your convenience after mutual discussion.

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If you are looking for content writing services in Bangalore, it is time you stop. You have finally reached the right destination. Please fill out the form on our website, email us, or call us.  We will reply within 24 hours.

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Our Working Process

Get high-quality content delivered in 24 hours. No, follow up! It's easy, smooth and stress-free.


Requirement Understanding

One-on-one call to thoroughly understand your business and requirement.

Project in Execution

Content is written, edited and proofread by a professional team at all times.

Project Delivery

High-quality & engaging content is finally delivered to your email id in 24 hours.

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